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Tea Talk Tour is now in partnership with Actxplorer to provide tours that make a difference.  When you book all your travel needs through Actxplorer to Vietnam or any other destinations offered, Actxplorer makes a donation to Tea Talk. So, support Tea Talk by using Actxplorer.

Actxplorer is the travel platform that aims to create a positive impact on local communities by offering travellers unforgettable experiences hosted by locals.The name Actxplorer originates from two passions– acts of doing good and a love for exploring. We work closely with locals and social organisations (such as social enterprises/NGOs) to spotlight people and projects - discover the locals' stories through memorable interactions and get involved with initiatives that impact the community.  These experiences give travellers an in-depth look into the cultures and skills of the locals, while supporting their livelihood and/or social causes. We provide all our hosts with training, planning, and even translators to empower them to break into the tourism industry. As a social impact company, we ensure that our hosts receive the majority share of the fees so that the money goes back to the community.

Actxplorer was born out of a desire to support local communities by creating opportunities for them to take charge of their future. We realised travel has the potential to enrich one’s life and change someone else’s. Having explored the nooks and crannies of the world, we discovered that rewarding experiences were often the ones we shared with locals. But sometimes, travellers miss out on befriending locals due to language barriers or simply because they don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in. Our platform connects locals with travellers, regardless of backgrounds and languages. We have been fortunate to meet locals from all corners of the region. Now we want to give everyone the opportunity to do the same.

We offer all sorts of unique experiences, from farm stays and workshop to food tours, volunteer initiatives and investment opportunities that have social impact. Travelling is all about new experiences, and we want to help you make the most of your trip. When we find someone with a unique story or cause to share, we make sure to highlight it so you can become a part of that story too.

Website : www.actxplorer.com
Blog : https://blog.actxplorer.com/
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